The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Study Guide
Chapters I-VII
Chapters VIII-XVI
Chapters XVII-XXV
Chapters XXVI-XXXI

Chapters XVII-XXV

Chapter XVII

1. What do the Grangerfords first think of Huck?


2. What problem does Huck have when he wakes up in the morning at the Grangerfords' house?


3. What kind of people are the Grangerfords?  Are they just feuding hillbillies, or is there more to them?


4. What is the purpose of the long passages describing the Grangerfords' house and family?



Chapter XVIII

1. What does Huck find in the spot where he is told he will see "a whole stack o' water-moccasins"?


2. Why did Jack not tell Huck that Jim was there?


3. Why does Huck leave the Grangerfords?



Chapter XIX

1. How do Huck and Jim arrange their traveling during this time?


2. What had the two fugitives been doing to get into trouble?


3. What is a temperance revival?


4. Who do the two men say they are?


5. What is the result of the claims of the two men?


6. Is Huck fooled by the claims of the men?  Explain Is Jim fooled?



Chapter XX

1. How does Huck convince the men that Jim is not a runaway slave?


2. How does the duke arrange things so that they can travel in the daytime?



Chapter XXI

1. What do the king and the duke plan to do to get money?


2. What names do they assume for the theatre?



Chapter XXII

1. Why does the duke decide to change the kind of show they will put on?


2. Why does the sign saying "Ladies and children not admitted" bring in a good audience?


3. Why does the lynching bee fail?


4. Why is Huck so easily taken in by the drunk at the circus who turns out to be a trick rider?



Chapter XXIII

1. What is Jim's frequent kindness to Huck?


2. What is the cause of Jim's mourning?



Chapter XXIV

1. How does the duke arrange things so that Jim doesn't have to lie in the wigwam all day to avoid being thought a runaway slave?


2. Where does the king get the information he needs to swindle the Wilks girls?



Chapter XXV

1. Who are the three Wilks sisters?


2. Do the king and the duke have any trouble convincing the people that they are Peter Wilks's brothers?


3. What is a flapdoodle?


4. Why do the king and duke ass $415 of theor own money to that hidden in the cellar?

Chapters XXVI-XXXI