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Reflection for the week of 4/7/2014:                                                    DUE: 4/14/2014

Who are you when no one is watching, or when only your friends are watching?  What impression do you give other people when you are in the halls at HEHS, on the bus to internship, at the elementary school, at the mall, driving down the street???  What if one of the teachers you work with, or one of the students you teach, saw you?  Are you proud of how you present yourself to others?  Do others have the correct impression of you?

Think about the things I noted above and respond.  Also, tell me why you need to think about these things when you are only a senior in high school.  Why does it matter how you present yourself now when you don't plan to be a teacher for at least another four years?

 If you disagree with my implication about the importance of your actions, please share your thoughts and provide statements that support your opinion.