Labor and Delivery Practice Test

Multiple Response
Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.


Mark everything that occurs during the first stage of labor:
contractions begin
cervix dilates
placenta is delivered
effacement occurs     


Mark everything that occurs during the second stage of labor:
Cesarean birth may be necessary
baby is delivered
effacement occurs
placenta is delivered


Mark everything that occurs during the third stage of labor:
Cesarean birth may be necessary
placenta is delivered
baby is delivered
effacement occurs

Complete each statement.


The tightening and releasing of uterine muscles that become stronger as
time passes is called



Name three early signs of the onset of labor.



What is the gush of warm fluid from the vagina that sometimes occurs at the onset of labor?



An epidural is                         and                         .



What is the general term given to a method of giving birth that aims to reduce pain by eliminating fear through education and the use of breathing and conditioning exercises?



Identify two methods of prepared childbirth.



When might fetal monitoring take place?



What is the purpose of contractions in the first stage of labor?



What do contractions do in the second stage of labor?



What happens during the third stage of labor?



Name two reasons a woman might have a cesarean birth.



Name two things that could result in multiple births.



What kind of twins develop when one egg develops into two separate embryos.



List two facts about abortion.



Name two solutions for infertility.



When adoption records are available to the birth parents, adoptive
parents, and the child, this is known as



A woman who is never able to have biological children is                   .



Name two ways to involve older children in the arrival of a new baby.



When the baby’s head appears at the opening to the birth canal.



Mood swings women have for a few days after birth that are characterized by crying and irritability.



Name 2 things that are considered an important part of postpartum recovery for the woman?



Babies that enter the pelvis with their feet, buttocks, or knees first are in a                   position.



A procedure to widen the vaginal opening with a surgical incision is called    



The baby’s head has two                   which are open spaces where the
bones of the baby’s skull have not yet permanently joined.



                        is the process that moves the baby out of the mother's body.



                        might be used on a baby’s head to help with delivery.



The process of the baby dropping down into birth position is called      


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