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Yearbook is open to all students interested in journalism, computers and photography. The purpose of the yearbook is to create a complete record of each school year. Students are responsible for writing stories about events, designing layouts using Indesign and taking photographs. Yearbook advisors and editors will be happy to train students who do not have experience in an area. Interested students should stop by the yearbook office or attend a staff meeting held every other Wednesday.

               2008-2009 Staff                                  Photography Calendar  

The yearbook staff is in need of pictures of people attending Hoffman Estates High School events. If you have appropriate, current pictures of sports events, club activities, dances, school concerts, or school life, we may be able to use them in our yearbook. Please email them to hawkyearbookpix@gmail.com with your name, names of people in the pictures and the event (ex. varsity girls' volleyball game against SHS). Please limit the number of entries to 5 pictures per email.

We have a QUESTION for you.
How are you connected to Hoffman? Sports? Friends? Activities? Well, we want to know how you're "connected" to Hoffman by giving you the opportunity to email us your reasons.
Here are examples to help you out:
                                                    "I feel connected to Hoffman through sports; although I don't
                                                     play sports, I have been a part of Blue Crew and love to cheer
                                                     on the Hawks!"                             
                                                    "I feel connected to Hoffman through my friends. I have met
                                                     my best friends here at Hoffman and I can't imagine life without them"

Email us your quote at hoffmanyearbook@gmail.com and you may be in the yearbook!

                 2007-2008 Yearbooks  
* Please pick up your yearbook at the main office.

*Didn't pre-order one last year? Yearbooks are on sale for $40.00. Cash and checks are accepted. Please make checks out to Hoffman Estates High School.

         2006-2007 Yearbooks
* 2006-2007 yearbooks are available for $40.00 at the main office as well!

Ms. Megan Skinner, English Department  
Mrs. Heidi Davey, English Department

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