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     Thank you and welcome to a new year of many different activities that will help you get to know more about your Hispanic culture.  The 2006-2007 Latinos Unidos will be one to remember you will not only get our club on the map but will get a chance to do things we have not been able to do in past years.

     As Group sponsor I want to let you know that my number one goal is to get you guys to help each other and to create a network for you guys to seek out when you need help with anything that may come your way.  Each year we try to add new things to make our group one of the best in the school.  I hope you take this chance to add to your culture by sharing in the many other cultures that make up the word Latino. 

I am pleased to announce that this year our club is going to be represented by the following people if you have any questions please feel free to talk to them about anything that may be going on within the group.
Vice President

Please come again and watch us grow.  Thank you once again.