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    We Strive to understand and learn about the cultural differences among all people.  Come and learn about the variety of cultures present in your student body.  We are a service organization comprised of eager students interested in learning about different worlds and people.  This program will promote friendship, and fun for all.  It's About Unity!  The purpose of the Human Relations is to create an environment of mutual respect within HEHS, recognizing that we cannot totally solve or change prejudice but that like Martin Luther King, Jr. we can affect our environment in a positive way.  During the past few years the club has used a variety of methods to create this positive atmosphere.


What is the purpose of all the Human Relations Clubs?


Multicultural Dance

At the dance students perform different styles of dances represented by their heritage.  We explain our culture to the audience and answer their questions.


We present different skits to our student audience about problems and various solutions to these problems.



Presenting Projects

We present different projects on our heritage and to all people who come to observe the event.



Small Group Discussion

We talk about topics and students concerns within HEHS.  We also discuss the variety of religions/variety of ethics to each other who we are and where we come from.



Working with youth

We work with the community who can suggest activities to promote acceptance of diversity.  We also work with the Junior High Schools and share information about HEHS, so that junior high students will be prepared for their high school years both academically and socially.

Field Trips

We have visited other high schools in the area to learn about the ways that they are addressing the issue of cultural diversity.  When we find successful programs we endeavor to showcase these for our own student body.


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