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German Christmas Webquest


You can answer the question in any order, and the addresses of the sites where you will find the information are listed at the top of each section.


Legend of St. Nick     (

Answer richtig (R) or falsch (-)


1.         ________ St. Nicholas was a Bishop during the 300s.

2.         ________ St. Nicholas was born on December 6th.

3.         ________ He gave three poor sisters bags of gold coins so they could marry well.

4.         ________ He knew Jesus.

5.         ________ He helps Santa deliver gifts.

6.         ________ He was born in the Middle East.


Online Christmas Village    (

7.         According to the site, how many days remain to Christmas?

8.         How do you say how many days remain to Christmas in German?

9.         Click on Email Grusskarten.  Email me ( and one friend a card. 

10.     Who is the Weihnachtsmann and what does he do?  (you may need to use other sites)


Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt  (

11.  What are the dates of this year’s market?

12.  Who opens the Christmas market?

13.  Who takes part in the procession that leads from the market up to the castle? (Click on Christmas City)

14.  What do they carry?

15.  What takes place up at the castle?

16.  Name 10 items that can be purchased at this market:



17.  What American city is Nürnberg’s partner city?

18.  When was the first Christkindlesmarkt held in Nürnberg?

19.  Who was the Christmas Angel in 2007 and 2008?

20.  What are some of the duties of the Christmas Angel?


21.  What is the connection between the Christmas Angel and the Chicago Christkindlmarket?


Look at the following two sites: 

Panoramic View:


A Traditional German Holiday Meal (

22.  Check all the foods that are mentioned in the article.  Then match them to their English equivalents.

 _____ Rote Grüze

 _____ Kartoffeln

 _____ Aufschnitt

 _____Metzelsuppe

 _____ rohen Schinken

 _____ Austern

 _____ Bratl

 _____ Schnitzel

 _____ Adventszopf

 _____ Quark

 _____ Stollen

 _____ Kassler

 _____ Spätzle


a.       Oysters

b.      Raw ham

c.       Small dumplings

d.      Fruit cake

e.       Red berry dessert

f.       Soup

g.      Potatoes

h.      Smoked pork chops

i.        Soft cheese

j.        Pork roast

k.      Braided bread

l.        Pork Cutlet

m.    Coldcuts


 Lebkuchen  ( &

23.  List 3 ingredients and 3 spices found in Lebkuchen.









24.   What is the English translation of Lebkuchen?

25.  How much is the Kitty-tin 2009?

26.  When and where was Lebkuchen first made?

27.  Which German city is most famous for making Lebkuchen?


Famous German Christmas Songs  (

Answer richtig (R) or falsch (-)


28.     ________ The organ in the church in Berlin broke down before Christmas.

29.     ________ Silent Night was originally from Germany.

30.     ________ Joseph Mohr asked his friend Franz Gruber to put his poem to music.

31.     ________ It was first sung in 1818.

32.     ________ The church organ didn’t work due to a snow storm.

33.     ________ Silent Night was composed by Beethoven.

34.     ________ Silent Night may not be played publically before Christmas Eve in Austria.

35.     ________ Silent Night was translated into English in 1839.


36.     What is the German translation of “Silent Night, Holy Night”?


Silvester – New Year’s Eve ( &

37.  What is December 31st called in Germany?

38.  Why is it called this?

39.  What is Bleigiessen?

40.     Name something that is different about New Year’s in Germany versus the US.